airplane Airplanes / helicopter Helicopters / airship Airships

Engines - Internal Combustion, Turbine, Jet, Transmission, Gearboxes, Tailrotor Gearboxes, and Hydraulics.

Engine Oil Analysis - Spectro offers its clients extensive experience in wear metal analysis and interpretation of the analysis results.

Turbine Engines - Spectro is approved by Turbomeca Engine Corporation for wear metal analysis.

Helicopters - Spectro has the experience and background to give an accurate interpretation of the wear metals for transmissions (main gearboxes), intermediate gearboxes, and tail rotor gearboxes.

Airships - Spectro services a number of airships around the world.

Analysis Offered - Wear Metal Analysis, Particle Counts (ASTM, ISO, and NAS specifications), Moisture Content, Viscosity, Fuel Dilution, and Metal Chip Analysis...


Cars, Trucks, Forklifts, Buses, Air Compressors, Stationary Power Supplies, and Pumping Equipment.

Engines - Spectro offers experience in analyzing all types of engines including: single cylinder engines, 4 cylinder to high powered 12 cylinder engines, compressor units and pumping units.

Transmissions - Automatic, manual, and power take off...

Differentials - Spectro has extensive experience in the interpretation of the metals for pending failure.

Hydraulic Systems - Wear metals and water content analysis...

tractor Farm Equipment / boat Watercraft

Engines, Transmissions, Differentials, Hydraulic Systems, Pumps, Gearboxes, Four Cycles, Inboards, and Outboards of any size.

Farm equipment and watercraft both represent a unique problem. It is imperative that the engines and equipment operate for a set period of time without experiencing problems.

Spectro offers a complete program for the pre-season period by preparing the equipment for the season. Spectro then offers a program that can allow the equipment to remain in service during the growing and harvesting period without problems with accelerated wear or failure.

Mechanical problems that require service can be predicted and a service scheduled when oil analysis is used as a tool.


Engines: Cars, Trucks, Forklifts, Buses, and Stationary Power Supplies. Equipment: Transmissions, Differentials, Hydraulic Systems, Pumps, Gearboxes, Air Compressors, Water Compressors (hydroblasters), and vacuum compressors.

ENGINES - Spectro offers a complete analysis program which includes identifying the cause of the fuel dilution such as leaking fuel injectors, leaking injector body seals, or a leaking injector pump. This program saves time that would normally be required to troubleshoot the complete system. We also provide positive identification of coolant dilution and its cause.

EQUIPMENT - Spectro offers extensive experience in interpretations of the wear metals for transmissions, differentials, pumps, gearboxes, air compressors, water compressors (hydroblasters), and vacuum compressors. Failure analysis is offered to manufacturers and equipment users to determine the cause of extensive wear that has resulted in failure.

CONTRACTORS - Spectro offers contractors an oil analysis program that allows them to keep critical equipment in use to complete the project while experiencing certain types of problems (i.e. fuel dilution) without causing excessive wear or failure.